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Like most people who fly frequently, I pay little or no attention to flight attendants when they run through the pre-flight safety spiel. I’ve heard it before and know what to do, though trust me, if the plane goes down over water I doubt I’ll have the presence of my to pull the tabs and blow…

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"Relevant words" are in, according to the College Board.

Instead of requiring students to memorize words they might never use in real life, questions in the new test will focus on understanding the meaning of “relevant” or commonly used words from the context in which they appear, and “how…


Korea is having a fanart contest and the winners get to be new loading screens.

The competition is getting REALLY heated as you can appreciate, oh boy I wonder which one of these will make it.

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Late gif

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John Galliano, 2007

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Tall people are assholes.

Tall people are assholes.

I don’t think it meant that tall people are assholes. I think it means that as you get older and older the more pain and suffering you’re put through, the more you learn to trust people less and less and you begin to grow into a selfish human being. You stop letting people in to your life and stop loving. You forget what love is since you’ve gone through life being ignored and taken advantage of. 

Tall people are assholes.

Yeah tall people are assholes


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